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What Kind Of Patient Are You?

One thing we have learned through our SWAP interviews is the difference between a "compliant" patient and a truly "engaged" patient. High Performance Patients (HPP) and High Performance Caregivers (HPCG) are always engaged. Blind compliance can get you into lots of trouble. Engagement means you are involved in the process and making the system work for you.

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Latest Episodes

Kim Hartmann

Kim Hartmann RN - DysAutonomia - Compassion

I’m going to chronicle my medical care and also will be giving resources and information about my primary condition, DesAutonomia. Both are rare; the condition itself and the crazy events that have taken place.

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Nancy Michaels - Liver Transplant - Hope & Gratitude

At age forty-one—and physically the picture of health and wellness—Nancy suddenly became deathly ill and underwent an emergent liver transplant.

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Colleen Connelly - Esophageal Cancer - Thankfulness

Colleen Connally tells her story about overcoming esophageal cancer by relying on family, great medical care, and extraordinary patient navigator.Listen to how this experience has re-energized her focus on caregiving and help for special needs kids.

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Empathy & Kindness : Cancer Navigator | Grace Cordovano PhD

Grace Cordovano is a patient advocate who has specialized in providing much needed professional support to cancer patients.

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The Winning Team - Profile of Collaborative Medicine

Tactical vs. Strategic Collaborative Medicine

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Our Discovery - The Gratitude Reflex

In studying resilience in patients we discovered patterns of adaptive behavior that explain how people can create.

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Perseverance : Rare Skin Cancer | Paul Sibley

We talk with Paul Sibley about HURT 100, Oahu, squamous cell skin cancer and more.

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Optimism & Gratitude : Non Hodgkins Lymphoma | Laren Watson

Laren Watson was leading the lifestyle many of us aspire to lead. She was a certified Holistic Health Coach, practicing excellent nutrition and exercise in her everyday life. Then, cancer happened... twice.

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World’s Most Connected Human : Data Cyborg | Chris Dancy

Do you use a personal health or fitness tracker? Chris Dancy is known as the world's most connected human because his body is constantly being monitored on over 700 data points...

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Mom Strong : Stage 4 T3 Breast Cancer | Marsha Mudge

Merry Christmas and a happy holiday, whatever you may be celebrating, to all! We couldn't be more honored to speak with Marsha Mudge and her two little boys this week...

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Humor : Psycho-Neuro-Immunology | Dr. Carl Hammerschlag

Dr. Carl Hammerschlag is known as the "Healing Doc" by many of his patients and colleagues, joins us to share some of his knowledge and wisdom. Dr. Hammerschlag has led a fascinating life as doctor...

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Surrender : Addiction/Identity-Based Disease | Ester Nicholson

Ester's personal journey with addiction to crack cocaine has allowed her to bring us an amazing message today. Ester speaks with us about learning how to surrender power, accept faults, and find clarity...

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Empowerment : Kidney Cancer Stage 4 | “e-Patient Dave” deBronkart

Dave deBronkart joins us to talk about how being an empowered patient helped him get the life-saving treatment he needed after being diagnosed with kidney cancer...

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